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How does it work?

Throughout the Accessible Tourism training there will be information, questions, hints and tips for you to get a better understanding about Disability, Equality and Diversity. There are Videos, Podcast and real life situations to help illustrate the training material.

We don’t expect you to know all the answers – the aim is to give you support and insight to allow you to unlock the potential for your business to embrace the Accessible Tourism market.

Tick-boxes-smallModule assessment

There are 5 modules, at the end of each module there is a short assessment so you can check what you have learnt.

Each module’s assessment consists of a series of multiple choice questions and is simply designed to see how you got on with the module’s content.

You can review the module as much as you like before taking the assessment. Once you have completed the assessment you will be able to move onto the next module if you score 100%.

If you don’t score 100% you can review your answers and the module content as much as you like before retaking the assessment.